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April 2010 Temple Update

Posted by Sable Aradia on April 4, 2010 at 12:29 PM Comments comments (0)

You're going to notice as you read through that most of our events seem to be taking place at my shop.  Well guys, the fact is that the Temple kitty was bankrupted at Yule due to low turnout and donations not matching the hall rental, and my store is set up for events and I donate the space for free.  I don't see this as a bad thing; our community seems to be growing because it's starting to build around the hub of my little store, which is really the only Pagan store in the Okanagan Valley, and it's bringing us together quite well!  Vernon is an excellent nexus point; an hour and a half from Kamloops, 45 minutes from Salmon Arm and Cherryville, 30 minutes from Lumby, 20 minutes from Winfield, 45 minutes from Kelowna, and an hour and a half from Penticton.  Holding events there leaves almost no one out; it makes it a realistic trip to make, no matter what side of the Valley you're on.  I even have people coming out from Edgewood on Highway 6; 2 hours down a winding road!  The only drawback is that we can't do things outside, but one of the community members has a lovely home in Winfield, which isn't that far out of the way either, and she often offers up her home for outdoor events!  This might be the plan for Beltane.


We had a really great turnout at our Ostara ritual, bringing together old friends and new faces from as far away as Kelowna and Kamloops!  Plans haven't really materialized for Beltane yet, though there was some talk of a camping event; but I'm likely to be out of town, having promised my friends that I would come to their Beltane gathering on the Coast back at Samhain.  I will keep you posted of what transpires here in the area, however!  The idea at Ostara was to combine the efforts of the local CWA Temples, the Druid's Hearth, and the Women's Circle that meets at the Unitarian church in Kelowna, to create a Pagan Beltane for everyone in the Valley!  I hope this will still come to fruition and will be working to faciitate it.


Our Witches' FAQ night is tonight, at my shop, The Threads That Bind Us, 3004 B 31st St., starting at 6 pm.  Come on out to chat about Wicca and Wtichcraft, and ask whatever questions you feel the need to ask!


We're considering starting up a new women's group, since several people have been asking me about it.  If you are interested, please contact me via email or phone.  We would likely meet about once every two weeks on Monday nights at the store.


My first workshop in the Eight Paths of Power (The Eightfold Way of Wiccan Magick) on Intent was very successful; we had eight students turn out for the class and I've heard a lot of very positive feedback!  The second of the Eight Paths of Power Workshops - Trance, will start at noon on Saturday, April 24, and go to about 4 - 5 pm, at my store.  The store will be CLOSED that day to facilitate the workshop!  Please bring pillows, chairs or whatever you need to be comfortable, as much of the class will be spent in trance and meditation.  CWABC members free, or $25 per person, and please preregister!


I'm also participating in an event at the store that isn't officially a Temple event, but might still be of interest to the membership of the Temple.  On the third Wednesday night of each month, "The Medium, the Witch and the Shaman" meet for a discussion panel, featuring a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics.  This month's topic is "Opening to Channel (a.k.a. Drawing Down the Moon)" and that will be on April 21 at 6 pm.  Admission is by donation.


I'm also continuing my Practical Magick classes on alternate Wednesday nights.  This month we're meeting on the 7th for "Practical Earth Magick," and April 28th for "Moon Magick" (in honour of the full moon.)  There are some prerequisites for the Earth Magick class so please come talk to me SOON if you wish to attend!  $5 - $20 sliding scale per class; the Earth Magick class requires a $5 materials fee as well.  I will be updating our Temple website calendar today to add all the upcoming events, including a complete Practical Magick cirriculum for 2010.


On April 22, my store will be holding our 3rd annual Earth Day "Reduce Reuse Recycle Sale".  We're asking people to bring us their recycling in return for great savings!  All pop cans and bottles donated will be used to fund Okanagan Pagan Pride Day (August 21.)   See my store website for the details.


For those who may not know, our Temple also has a Facebook group!  Look for "CWA North Okanagan Temple of Mirth and Reverence".


Last but not least, plans are actively underway for the CWABC's first Pagan festival, "Starfall PaganFest!"  This will be in Cherryville, BC, from July 2 - 4.  This is the first Pagan festival in our area and we really hope you'll come on out and support our efforts!  Contact me for details via email or phone 250-540-0341.  That pretty much goes for any event we're doing.  I'm really excited and I just can't wait!


I guess that's it for now.  I will update you all as to the Beltane plans when I know for sure what they are.


Happy Spring,


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