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Posted by Sable Aradia on January 29, 2011 at 6:27 PM

Wards in a metaphysical context are symbols used to divide one area from another, and to ensure its protection.

Outdoor wards usually involve marking the four or eight compass of a property with a tangible marker. In the modern age, this tends to involve crystals with elemental associations appropriate to the direction, and in older days it involved natural features of the property, animal tokens, particular arrangements of stones or other natural objects, ochre and symbols. The objects chosen should have personal meaning to you and to the land, and acknowledgement of any spirits of the land that you work with should be made (for instance, an offering of honey and milk might be poured for any faeries, etc.) This is both a gift and an appeasement; you are seeking to appease the negative or mischievous spirits of a place, and also to enlist the help of the positive spirits. If you have guardian angels, protective spirits, ancestors who watch over you, Gods and Goddesses or Totems, this would be a good time to call upon them as well.

When creating an outdoor ward, be sure to visualize the protective marker that you have developed as extending into a spiritual pillar that reaches deep into the earth’s core, and into the cosmic Source at the centre of the Universe. You can think of it as “grounding and centering” the marker.

Begin with whatever direction you deem appropriate, and move in an appropriate manner (which may involve travelling in a clockwise “sunwise” direction, a counterclockwise or “moonwise” direction, or balancing opposites, depending on your beliefs. Clockwise brings in energy, counterclockwise banishes negatives, and balancing opposites creates a cross.)

When creating symbols, use whatever symbols seem appropriate to your spirituality. Traditional protective symbols include crosses, crossed circles, an X, bindrunes, pentagrams, oms, or the holy symbols of any faith.

When completed, join your wards together in your visualization, either by linking them overhead, or by visualization a circle connecting each of the points (or a square, or an eight-pointed star, as is appropriate.) Say something to invoke the Powers you pray to, and ask all guardian angels or spirits mentioned to protect your space.

When warding the inside of your home, things are often done a little bit differently. You can use the pillar model already suggested and the markers become the four outer corners of your house, the markers of which should, ideally, be bound in or by the foundation of your home “cornerstones.”

Another method that can be done instead of, or in addition to, the markers, is to seal each and every entrance into your home with a sacred symbol. Often this is preceded by sweeping with a besom or smudging or ringing a bell to drive out all negative influences prior to the warding. In this case, you drive everything out your front door once you are done clearing it. Then, you draw whatever symbol feels appropriate to you (I typically use Earth Banishing Pentagrams, but others may choose to use crosses, eight-spoke wheels, or whatever) on or over every possible entering point with a mixture of blessed salt and water. Typically you would move in a clockwise direction, starting just to the right side of your front door and moving along through every room in turn, finishing at the front door (or most-used entrance to your home.) At this point, you loudly declare that anything with ill intent or negative effect for you and your family is to leave and not return! You seal it with an especially large symbol and punctuate it with a firm declaration that “seals” things in your mind, such as “So mote it be!” or “Amen!”

Remember, this is every entrance to your home or business – that is, any place that anything can come into it. So, for convenience, I have included a checklist in case you forget something:

• Windows

• Doors

• Spy holes

• Heat vents

• Dryer vent

• Knotholes

• Main power supply or fuse box

• Keyholes

• Mirrors (entrances to the spirit world by tradition; don’t forget mirrors in odd places – for instance, I have one on the headboard of my bed)

• Drains (toilets, sinks, storm drains, laundry room drain, etc.)

• Chimneys (even if blocked off)

• Stove pipes

• Attic windows and air vents

• Mail slots that enter into the house

• Pet doors

• Phone line (communication comes in that way!)

• TV cable or television

• Any screen or monitor (it is a reflective surface and you use it for communication)

• Internet connection

• Satellite connection

• Significant cracks that lead to the outside (I have one in my ceiling and one in my foundation of my old house, and I seal them both)

• Unused doors or windows (spirits still use them, even if they are sealed off)

• Skylights (I have an unused one in my store that I didn’t even know was there until someone used it to break in, and I wondered why my warding seemed ineffective until then! Double check these things!)

• Pipes that lead outside

• Some people even ward their electrical outlets – just don’t actually get them wet!

There will be other places that I have not covered – just use your common sense. If it seems appropriate, do it.

May the protection of your guides, Gods and guardians be on your house and home!

Blessed be,

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