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Death, the Universe & Everything

Posted by Sable Aradia on February 8, 2011 at 6:33 PM

My husband Erin recently spoke to me about a near death experience that happened during his nearly-fatal car accident. While this has been a very difficult process for him, I have found it to be spiritually uplifting and enlightening. His experience confirms and validates a lot of my own beliefs and experiences. I hope to share some of that with you here, but I don’t know how well it will come across. I will do my best!


Erin told me that he did not have the typically described experience of “light at the end of the tunnel.” He told me that instead, he felt personally connected to the Gods. He said also that for one moment, rather than his “life flashing before his eyes,” he was shown (or understood) all possibilities at once, and the likely outcome of any possibility that might have been and was likely to be up to that point, as these things related to himself and to the people he cared about. He says that he still remembers those possibilities and it informs his interactions and behaviour.


For me, this was similar (with less trauma) to the experience I had when I received my third degree. I was aware of that interconnectedness of all things, our unity with the Divine and how irrelevant time and space really are. As a precognitive, that “memory” of how things are likely to turn out has also been a part of me as long as I can remember. I can’t recall it all at once, but I have strong good or bad feelings about most significant actions in my life and the lives of the people I am closest to, which really feel more like memories than intuition. I often experience significant déjà vu when something is about to happen that is a turning point. So I often find myself in the awkward position of knowing things and trying to explain how I know it, with no way to do so. As a result, I often experience “Cassandra syndrome,” and my accurate prophecies and portents go unheeded. (This happens frequently regarding the car, for example. Men just never seem to take women seriously about misgivings regarding the mechanical deficiencies of a vehicle. I am not a mechanic, so when I say “that’s a weird sound, I think there’s something wrong with the front end, let’s get it checked,” they sneer at my ineptitude and ignore me because it would be inconvenient to heed my warning – and of course, the car inevitably breaks down, the repair is significantly more expensive than the maintenance might have been, and I sigh in exasperation.)

For me, this confirms several key elements of the nature of reality as I experience it and reinforces my beliefs. Not my dogma. I don’t think your dogma really matters, it’s all in the paradigm you use to understand the reality beyond this limited 3D reality. But here are the key points that I currently believe I have learned from this experience, and I would like to share them with you.


1) We continue. Death is not the end. Death is a waystation between realities, where you reunite with your loved ones. Where you go from there depends on your decisions as a unit. Perhaps you come back for another bite at the apple. Perhaps you seek to transcend this reality and become a bodiless, other-dimensional being. Either way, it is a break before the next step, whatever it might be.


2) Time and space are irrelevant. They are entirely 3rd dimensional constructs. All possibilities exist simultaneously beyond this dimension, and your next bite at the apple might be a thousand years in the past.


3) Anything is possible. If we are capable of accessing knowledge of all possibilities (even if it’s not all at once,) we can both anticipate the consequences of any action (muscle testing, pendulum work or divination, or just a good or bad feeling,) and influence probabilities in our favour towards one outcome or another (creative visualisation, the secret, or magick.


4) Everything does, indeed, happen for a reason. If it weren’t meant to be that way, you wouldn’t have made that choice, even the things that are apparently “bad.” That “bad” choice becomes the lesser of two evils, even in big bad situations.


5) Even death is a choice. We stay in this physical reality exactly as long as we choose to do so. Unfortunately, sometimes through extreme harm, or through the wearing of age, the body becomes so damaged that it is no longer possible for a person to experience any joy through that body, or becomes incapable of interacting with this reality at all. It is at this moment that death (which is not the end, but merely choosing to start the game over rather than stare at the frozen screen) takes place. If we change our minds at that moment, then we sometimes become stuck here – but that is far more rare than people think.


Erin told me that he had the choice of dying and abandoning me and our family, who would never recover, or living in a body that had a very good chance of being very broken, but living, knowing that I could handle it, as rough as it might be. He made the latter choice, and accepted the damage as a consequence (and I am grateful.) He also told me that his stepfather, who was shot in the head when Erin was young, was shown that his options were to die, leaving his young wife a widow with three young children, or to live with severe brain damage, requiring that his young wife with three children care for him as well, and chose not to burden her in that way. That’s why people live or die when their lives are imperilled.


Is that going to anger people, if I declare that I truly believe this to be the way it works? Perhaps, but for me, it comforted me in my fears of death. I know that we continue! And I know that no matter what happens, the greatest good is met as far as it can be by the people we love, even if they choose to pass from this world into the next. Sometimes your choice is the frying pan or the fire, and sometimes victories are, at best, Pyrrhic.


6) The best part of all of this is the knowledge that we are part of something that is much greater than us. Call it God, the Gods, Goddess, Source, the Brahmin, or whatever, it is very vast and to connect with it, even for a split second, is to experience wonder beyond our vaguest comprehension. My limited contact with this force has informed and transformed my life. It drives everything I do and inspires me in my darkest hours.


7) But even greater than that is the realization that part of us is a cell in this grand transcendent organism. And that means that all living beings are also cells in this grand organism. So, we are all interconnected, and we are all, essentially, Divine, and immortal! And that, to me, is a very empowering thought!


Blessed be,

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Reply Angelica
11:27 AM on February 9, 2011 
Thank you for putting into words that which can be so hard to describe. There are those moments I feel not "real" as in not the way I usually feel during the day. Some people call that being disconnected. But that is not what I feel. I feel in actuality far more connected than ever! I feel like it's a moment of lucidity in a dreamworld that is our everyday life. Those are the moments I strive for, I reach for. Those are the moments I wish to share with so many so they understand how all the little things don't really matter unless we want them to matter.

Love and blessings!

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