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Pagan Pathfinders Podcast

Posted by Sable Aradia on March 12, 2011 at 3:16 PM

I have a new non-profit project called the Pagan Pathfinders Podcast!

Picture, if you will, a virtual campfire in the astral plane, and around this campfire, a heartbeat drum calls to the elders and leaders of the worldwide Pagan community. They are organizers, facilitators, authors, musicians, scholars, artists, advocates, and community-builders. They practice almost every conceivable Pagan faith and span time zones from the Pacific Coast of North America to New South Wales, Australia. Some of them are famous, some not-so-famous, and some only famous in their own communities. But wherever they are, whoever they are, they are those who find the paths for the rest of us.

My name is Sable Aradia, and I'm a Witch from Vernon, BC, Canada. This was the vision that came to me one day when I looked at my Facebook contact list, and realized how many interesting and influential Pagans had responded to my contact requests. I wasn't sure they would go for it - after all, by definition they are very busy people - but I put the email out there anyway, realizing that it really couldn't hurt to ask. And the response was overwhelming. I found most of these people to be approachable, friendly, accommodating, and eager to share ideas and build bridges. And with the technology of Skype, we made it happen.

Once a month, we will gather to discuss topics of interest to Pagans everywhere, with panels formed from a list of some of the greatest movers and shakers in the modern Pagan world. We'll record our candid discussions live and uncensored for the rest of the world to hear. There are only two rules; try not to interrupt anyone, and if anyone starts mudslinging, they will be asked to leave.

Welcome to Pagan Pathfinders!

Check it out at  It's a good way to get in touch with what's going on with the global Pagan community!

Blessed be,


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